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Dreame Bot L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self-Cleaning, AI Home Mapping


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The Dreame Bot L10s Ultra is a smart robot vacuum and mop that maps out the rooms in your home to avoid obstacles and provide more efficient cleaning. When it's done, it automatically empties its dust bin and cleans and dries the used mop pads by itself. Use the app to control when and where your robot cleans and to select cleaning modes. Easy, customized home cleaning with just the touch of a button.

Product Features

  • 2-in-1 automatic vacuuming and mopping
  • 3-D Home mapping using AI Action
  • Auto-emptying dirt bin
  • Self-cleaning mop
  • Customized cleaning routines
  • Remote control with App
  • Voice control
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Integrations

Introducing AI

The advanced AI Action utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light to rapidly learn your home, tailor cleaning strategies, and auto-generate paths according to the type of obstacle, flooring, and room. Get cleaning sooner with fast mapping that generates a 3D map of your home.

Creative and Intelligent to Clean Like You

AI-powered navigation ensures your whole home is cleaned efficiently and effectively, reducing missed spots, repeated cleaning, getting lost, or getting stuck.

Strong Suction and Deep Cleaning

Hair, dirt, dust, and other debris have nowhere to hide with advanced technology and an ingenious brush design that stirs up fine particles and makes it easy to detangle long hairs.

Powerful 5,300Pa* suction, automatic carpet detection, suction boost, and a robust rubber  brush coordinate to pull household debris up from rugs, out of carpets, and off hard floors.

*5,300Pa: Based on tests in Dreame's lab. Actual performance may vary depending on the real-world environment and usage.

Auto-empties for independent cleaning.

The auto-empty system utilizes our exclusive DualBoost 2.0 system to blow air into the robot’s dust box and vacuum it into a 3L dust bag. High-speed emptying, minimal noise, and virtually no clogging.

Self-emptying gives you up to 60 days* of automatic, hands-off cleaning. All you have to do is dump the bag.

*60 days: Based on a calculation derived from environment testing in Dreame's lab.

Actual performance may vary depending on the real-world environment and usage.

Makes your floors shine.

Wipes out dirt and grime throughout your home, covering up to 200m² (2,152ft²) thanks to a large 2.5L water tank, to make your wood, tile, vinyl, or other hard floors refreshingly clean.

Dual rotary mops spin at 180RPM under firm pressure to thoroughly scrub floors. Automatic water and solution adding top off your robot with the proper solution/water ratio to make the floors throughout your home gleam.

Mops made automatically clean and dry.

Automatic mop-washing ensures dirt gets cleaned up, not just moved around.

L10s Ultra raises the mops when returning to the base station to ensure your floors stay pristine.

Automatic mop cleaning immerses the mops in water and spins them at high speed against grooves in the removable base plate to dislodge dirt.

After cleaning is complete, the mops are dried with hot air in as little as 2 hours* to help prevent odor, mildew, and bacterial growth.

*2 hours: The actual drying time needed may vary depending on the dampness of the mop pads.automated cleaning.

Get a Custom Clean

Take control via the app to tailor your cleaning to suit your home and schedule. Seamlessly adjust the water and suction levels to optimize your automated cleaning.

Easily fine-tune your robot's performance and cleaning routine with the 3D map and intuitive features of the app. Create multiple maps for multi-floor houses, segment rooms, create virtual walls, set no-go zones, and create cleaning schedules and routines-all from the comfort of your own phone.

Clean Remotely

Start, pause, or stop cleaning with voice commands or supervise your home using the video control in the Dreamehome app. The power is at the tip of your tongue and the ends of your fingers. 

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