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Airdog X5 Air Purifier with Reusable Filters, Smoke Filtering - 400 sq.ft

by Airdog

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The Airdog X5 is a filter-free air purifier that provides you with fresh, clean air while eliminating waste and saving you money. Easily remove and wash the reusable collection plates to keep the X5 running smoothly. With its energy-efficient and waste-free design, the X5 helps you maintain a clean and healthy home while protecting the environment. Invest in your health and wellness and buy yours today! 

 Product Features

  • Washable, reusable filters
  • Captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants
  • Cleans smoke, germs, dust, and more out of the air
  • Kills influenza virus (over 99% effective)
  • Kills COVID-19 (over 99% effective)
  • Remote control with App
  • CADR up to 206 CFM
  • High-volume airflow
  • Filters particles down to 0.0146 microns (6x smaller than similar air purifiers filter)
  • Cleans quietly

World's First Washable Air Purifiers

The air in your home is more polluted than you think. The Airdog X5 air purifier puts your health and the health of the environment first. You’ll stop inhaling everyday indoor air pollutants and breathe cleaner air than with any of the more traditional air purifiers on the market (like HEPA). Plus you'll save time, money, and the planet with our washable, energy-efficient and WASTE-FREE design.

Patented TPA® Technology: Active Filtration

Airdog patented TPA technology is an active filtration technology, which uses about 30,000 voltage inside the unit to kill 99.99% of all the bacteria, mold and viruses that it takes in, and then collects them on easy-to-wash collecting plates. It doesn’t rely on disposable (HEPA) filters that hurt your wallet and the environment. 

Top Performance

Airdog X5 cleans out microscopic particles down to 0.0146 microns, which is far beyond the 0.3 microns that a traditional HEPA does. The 3rd party lab tests confirm Airdog kills 99.87% of the influenza virus in an hour. What's more, Airdog X5 was recently certified to destroy COVID-19 by the prestigious Democritus University of Thrace, from the Department of Medicine

Reusable Filter

HEPA filters need to be replaced repeatedly which can easily cost hundreds of dollars per year. Airdog X5 uses non-consumable collecting plates, which you simply wash by hands rather than spending money and changing filters all the time. No need to dispose of non-recycle fiberglass filter also helps to protect our environment.

Quiet Cleaning

Airdog is much quieter compared to HEPA air purifiers. The noise level ranges from 22dB (sleep mode) to 57dB (turbo mode) and averages 34dB which is half of traditional air purification systems. This is about as quiet as a soft hum, and definitely more quiet than your neighbor's dog.

High Volume Airflow

Airdog's optimized aerodynamic design enables high-volume airflow. X5 has a CADR of 220 CFM, which could circulate a 450 sq. ft. room three times in an hour.

Smart Control & Easy to Operate

Initiates with the push of a button, and auto-adjusts to different modes based on your room’s air quality level. This feature not only makes monitoring your room’s air quality easy to do, it also saves you money on energy bills and gives you peace of mind!

Real-Time Display

A real-time display keeps you updated on your air quality level, so you can turn Airdog on and watch as your pollution drops.

Child Lock

Made of V-0 fire proof material, and the child lock prevents children from playing with the settings. Powers off immediately once back panel is opened accidentally.


1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty



Height: 25.6 inches

Length : 12.4 inches

Width : 12 inches


23.6 pounds


CADR: 350 m³/h (206 CFM)

Power: 100-240V; 50-60Hz


<63 dB(A)

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